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April 10, 2006 -
Chief Investigator Paul Hamilton awarded Certificate of Achievement by NCMEC for "dedication to the welfare of children."

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Send in your used printer cartridges to help support the CAU.
Learn how you can help.

Protect your children online using Sentry's line of safety software.

“The Child Abuse Unit is a child protective, state chartered, not-for-profit law enforcement agency that is mandated to operate under Social Service Law and the Family Court Act. Our purpose is to carry out programs which are designed to advocate, promote and ensure the general welfare and well-being of children and to investigate allegations and crimes against children and enforce the laws concerning same.”

Funding for the CAU is derived from grants and donations that are received from various sources – organizations and individuals that wish to become a part of a noble cause.

The criminal element evolves in both sophistication and technique as advances in technology provide them with greater access to our children. We apply our resources as efficiently as we can with the limited funds that are available to us. The difficulties we confront are done with an unyielding resolve because it is the strength of our purpose that drives us. Yet, there are times when even resolve is not enough.

We graciously welcome any assistance that can be provided. It is not the size of the donation that counts but the intent with which it is given. Please know that any donation given to us goes to paying for materials necessary for our continued operation such as awareness programs, equipment and outreach with only a small portion going to administrative costs. All donations are tax-deductible.

It is with a profound humility that we fight this battle. Our successes are measured by each minor that we are able to protect when we raise awareness, apprehend a predator or shield a household.

With our joint efforts, together, we can make a difference….

One child at a time..


    Volunteers Needed
    Cartridge Recycling Program

Volunteers needed!!

Would you like to be part of something meaningful? The Child Abuse Unit is always looking for volunteers to help with various tasks. Not all tasks are specific to New York. You can help the Child Abuse Unit even if you live in another state!!!

Boy Scouts
Girl Scouts

How can you help?

- Collect used printer cartridges for the printer cartridge program
-Make Phone Calls
-Warehouse Help
-Fund raising
- Distribute money jars
- Obtain contributions (which are 100% tax deductible)

Just leave a message via the “CONTACT” section of the Child Abuse Unit website or call 1-866-322-2252

Thank you
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As technology evolves so do the means and methods by which predators employ to achieve their harmful desires against our children. Protecting our youth on the Internet is an effort that is constantly confronted by challenges just to keep pace with the resources available to the criminal element. You can become a helpful member of this endeavor, and help protect the environment, by joining the Child Abuse Unit in our cartridge recycling program.


Recycling is good for the community, the environment, and the Child Abuse Unit. Refunds from the recycled cartridges will be used to further programs and initiatives that the Unit employs to educate the public, train personnel and provide much-needed equipment. This will also help reduce the amount of trash deposited in landfills. It will curb the flow of the high impact plastics from going into the landfills. These cartridges contain everything from aluminum and other metals to the high impact plastics that take centuries to even start to look like that are going to biodegrade. The cartridge recycling program is free for you to join as all collection costs are prepaid. Best of all, you are rewarded with the knowledge that you have taken part in a growing effort to provide much needed assistance in helping to protect children on the Internet.

You can make a difference.


The cartridge recycling program turns used printer cartridges into funds. The used cartridges are collected and then sold for recycling, with a portion of the proceeds going back to the Child Abuse Unit.


If you wish to participate in the cartridge recycling program simply gather your used printer cartridges and call 1-866-322-2252. Upon receipt of your mailing information a package will be sent to you (free of cost) which will include instructions and prepaid addressed mailing labels which you will use to send the materials via UPS.

At the end of the year you will recieve a letter reporting the value of the cartridges that you can use as verification for a tax deduction.

For further Information

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Please make checks payable to:LISPCC

and mail them to:

3468 Lawson Blvd.
Oceanside, New York 11572


For donations via telephone (credit card) please call:

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