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April 10, 2006 -
Chief Investigator Paul Hamilton awarded Certificate of Achievement by NCMEC for "dedication to the welfare of children."

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Protect your children online using Sentry's line of safety software.

Ensuring the safety of our children as they access the Internet can be a daunting task for parents and guardians. Between having to work and raise a household or being in charge of a large group of children at schools and libraries, there is only so much that any one person is capable of doing. Available to the public are various hardware and software solutions that, while not a replacement for human involvement, can provide much needed assistance towards increasing the safety of the online environment for kids. Yet, even then attempting to gauge the reliability and effectiveness of the various products on the open market would be a monumental task in itself. There are hundreds of hardware and software “solutions” that perform distinct (and similar) functions and without a technical background their true effectiveness can not reasonably be discerned. The Child Abuse unit has spent a considerable amount of time product testing a variety of hardware and software packages – testing their assortment of functions. We have established an opinion on a select few that we feel provide the most effective means of safeguarding the online environment.

Parental Controls from Sentry At Home help you protect your children. Monitor their activities online to prevent their activities online to prevent access to adult content and potential contact with sexual predators.

Blocks & Monitors MySpace Chat
Sentry At Home is an Award Winning parental control product that offers advanced technology to give parents peace of mind while their children surf the Web, instant message or chat with others. Sentry At Home blocks and filters inappropriate sites, phrases and chat rooms. Our parental control software technology will protect your children against online sexual predators, pornography and other inappropriate content.

As Featured By:
CBS, NBC, CNN, Dateline News,
The Wall Street Journal.

Sentry At Home filtering software uses proprietary SmartAgent Technology. When installed on the child's computer, it allows parents to control, view and set-up preferences from any other computer, anywhere in the world. No need to go back to 'computer.

Parents can:

  • Set-up and manage user profiles preferences from any computer.
  • Manage the level of filtering for each child and for multiple computers.
  • View all activity logs from any computer (chat, instant messaging, & browser).
  • Back up all activity logs in case of emergency.
  • Update the filtering software behind the scenes.
  • Block P2P file sharing, downloading, FTP access and application blocking.
  • Filter & block web based email accounts, inapproriate content, undesirable sites.
  • Perform dynamic content filtering (instant page analysis), not just white and black lists.
  • Limit & control computer time usage.

Protect your children against online sexual predators.
See your child's surfing habits.
Prevent on-line bullying.
Block e-mails from undesirable peers who may be pressuring your child to have sex, drink or take drugs.


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