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April 10, 2006 -
Chief Investigator Paul Hamilton awarded Certificate of Achievement by NCMEC for "dedication to the welfare of children."

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The CAU-SPCC is unique in that it is empowered by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Service to concentrate its efforts solely to enforce the laws that pertain to minors. Our purpose is to carry out programs which are designed to advocate, promote and ensure the general welfare and well-being of children and to investigate allegations and crimes against children and enforce the laws concerning same. Our investigators are New York State Peace Officers and are trained and state approved in the recognition, reporting and documentation of child abuse cases. The mission of the CAU – SPCC includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. The investigation and documentation of suspected or reported cases of child abuse.

  2. The prevention of cruelty to children and the enforcement of the laws relating to or in any way effecting children.

  3. The prosecution of or the assisting in the prosecution of persons alleged to have committed, aided, abetted, and/or permitted the neglect, mental, emotional, and/or physical abuse, or any act or acts of commission and/or omission resulting in the direct or potential mental, emotional and/or physical harm of a minor child.

  4. Actively search the Internet and the Internet chat rooms in an attempt to locate and prosecute pedophiles who commit, aid and/or permit the mental or emotional abuse, or any act or acts of commission and/or omission resulting in the direct or potential mental, emotional and/or physical harm of a minor child including but not limited to sex crimes and the sale of child pornography.

  5. The instituting, maintaining and conducting of educational, informational and preventative programs directed to health care professionals, educators, law enforcers, and other relevant groups and the general public regarding the detection, reporting and specific and general duties and responsibilities regarding overt or potential child abuse.

  6. The establishment and management of mechanisms and/or facilities to provide health care, educational opportunities and in general to promote the care and provide for the welfare and general well-being of the abused minor child.

  7. The formation of any other programs, including the establishment and maintenance of mechanisms to promote and foster regular interaction with other groups, agencies, bureaus, etc., governmental, public or private, for the purpose of prevention and detection of abuse of minor children, as well as the prosecution of individuals who may be deemed responsible by act of commission, omission, law, statute, or any other status.


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