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April 10, 2006 -
Chief Investigator Paul Hamilton awarded Certificate of Achievement by NCMEC for "dedication to the welfare of children."

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Send in your used printer cartridges to help support the CAU.
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Protect your children online using Sentry's line of safety software.

Jessica Loscalzo

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Anne Musso, Sewanahaka Travel Maria Pietrowski, Floral Park Resident Josephine Vendittelli, NSLIJ Health System
Kristy Tsotsoros, Cambridge – Concorde Donna Tucker, CMP Media Paula Young, Laugh for Health
Patricia Lo Curcio, Creative Memories Monica Sarosi, All Island Rehabilitation Fred Greco
Raheela Yar'adua Jim Mongo Ugoji Eze
Susan Kornick Althea Vannoy Johnson

A Girl Scout Troop from the Columbus Ohio area chose, as their service project, to collect computer printer cartridges to help the CAU. Kelly, Katie, Anjie, Elizabeth, Olivia, Mackenzie, Brittany, Erica, Jessica, Carly, Mara, and Abagail together with their elementary schools collected a total of 91 cartridges during the months of December and January. They were happy to keep the cartridges from entering the landfill and to help the CAU protect children using the internet.

The CAU wishes to express it's heartfelt thanks to the girls of this troup, the parents who helped support them and Ms Stanko for their efforts in this endeavor.


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